Do You Want To Learn How To Make Your
Business Transformation Successful?

The Transformation Sprint® is a time-boxed approach to digital transformation and business change.

It replaces the big transformation program with a manageable learning process that builds collaboration around your key challenges.

With a Transformation Sprint, you can build all the skills you need to help you succeed at change but best of all you can achieve some of the most important program design objectives in just four weeks.

To date, most transformations have used old project and program techniques to design and manage change. In Transformation Sprint, the authors have created a method that embraces agile techniques and draws them into the heart of the transformation design process.

Based on decades of experience and analysis of change at major organisations, the method itself is transformative.

Here are the free templates mentioned in the Book. No registration or email address required!

“As a senior exec in large organisations one of the hardest things to achieve is mobilising your team and your peers to focus on investment and deliver transformational change. This is a fantastic, expert guide for how to get your team to deliver a compelling vision, based on solid facts and with a clear, achievable plan. I wish I had this 20 years ago”

Hugh Hessing, Senior Executive, Startup Advisor and Former COO of Aviva plc

Transformation Sprint

Stop Debating, Start Fixing!

Created by the leading transformation experts and best selling authors Haydn Shaughnessy and Fin Goulding, the Transformation Sprint is a tried and trusted method for fixing big problems and making your transformation productive from its earliest stages onwards.

“Haydn and Fin have got to the core of why transformations become too complex and run into difficulties that seem impossible to navigate for those trying to manage them. More importantly, they show how you can resolve those problems quickly. Pragmatic, practical and timely, they fill a gap in our knowledge of transformation, showing how to simplify the seemingly complex so that you can get back on a path to effective and sustainable transformation at pace”

Tim Ellis, CEO The Transformation People

Learning The Transformation Sprint Method Will Enable You And Your Colleagues To Turn Transformation Into A Journey Full Of Continuous Adaptation

One way or another the pressure to transform is increasing in the post-COVID world. In the current resource climate, we can no longer afford the luxury of muddling through. You need the skills to get this right.

And that’s what we’ve been working on for years. We each have a decade or more of skin in the game when it comes to transformation, observing and helping companies as diverse as, VISA, Paddy Power, RBS, CLS, SWIFT.

We’ve watched how executives react when the best-laid plans start to look shaky, observed how the business and IT department misunderstand each other’s language and signals, scratched our heads as the conflicts start to build, we’ve seen consulting teams come and go and the costs they leave behind.

All that wisdom and the skills we’ve picked up over the years can now be yours.

Critically, you are going to save time and money. It would not be unusual for us to see millions of dollars of savings within days of starting a Transformation Sprint. But just as significant, you are going to do this in a time-boxed way with no drift or scope creep.

“Organisations are scrambling to remodel themselves to be more relevant to customers needs or more adaptive to the sheer scale of change. How do we ensure we can adapt? How do we start this remodelling and what levers should we apply? There are no simple answers to these questions nor are there likely ever be. But with Transformation Sprint you do get the means to uncover, communicate and act on the challenges – structurally and repeatedly”

Ron Kersic Technology Strategy & Innovation, ING Bank

How It Works

Most transformations share similar challenges that point to underlying structural problems. Once you can identify these, you know how to fix them.

We have become experts at identifying those underlying problems. And of course, many of those problems recur over and over. While we advise companies to focus on their own context, they share many facets with companies everywhere.

By focusing on common problems and providing guidelines for how to generate insights into a unique context, we enable you to analyse structural change needs from a unique perspective.

We’ve written Transformation Sprint so you too can become more expert and skilled at the tasks that go into designing a solid transformation or fixing a problematic one.

It seems counterintuitive but in just 4 weeks you will be able to spot what’s wrong and take the necessary steps to rethink and reshape your transformation.

Step 1

The clues to what your transformation really needs can be found at different levels of your organisation. We go beyond the “single source of truth” to combine multiple perspectives. That’s step 1/ Day 1 and we are setting up interviews even before we hit the ground. Finding the right way to let people speak and then using their perspectives in future design is  a powerful tool. We gather perspectives from as many people as we can in a limited amount of time. It short circuits the big consulting research or discovery project!

Step 2

Most companies suffer similar structural problems, though that doesn’t mean they all need the same answers. Within a range of 15 - 20 issues, you can cover 80% of what is wrong and begin the conversation about solving the big problem. Use our templated approach to save time.

Step 3
Issue Documentation

Most leadership teams are blindsided to deep dysfunction within their organisations. Talking truth to power is one of the most significant steps in getting transformation right.Step 3 is then: What are the top 10 issues in order of magnitude?

Step 4
State Descriptions

Step 4 is to figure out how these reflect underlying structural problems that need to be addressed. The Transformation Sprint will help you identify all the problems that have arisen as you enter no-man’s land, the space between your AS-IS state and your future TO-BE state. Again, that analysis can be run off a template. There are about a half dozen modern operating models and your company will be headed towards one of them. The gap in between is where you want to focus your problem solving.

Step 5
Playback and Prioritisation

Executives don’t necessarily enjoy making decisions about priorities but with our visual techniques and exercises you can help them make progress. Our Playback sessions begin with issue prioritisation and end with solution prioritisation. And it is painless!

Step 6
Lighthouse Design

The final step is the outline of Lighthouse project design. A lighthouse is a project that will:

  • Address the most important prioritised underlying structural problems
  • With an emphasis on rapid, frequent value delivery using a new way to design projects
  • In holistic teams that adopt new ways to work

The end-result is that you learn how to design manageable chunks of transformation using work in new ways, while delivering real value.

“Organisational change is hard in its own right, only compounded by the fact that every organisation is unique and has a unique journey ahead of them. Yet across them all, there is a certain rhythm or cadence that underpins every journey. What Fin and Haydn have managed to do with Transformation Sprint is to highlight all the major touchpoints along this journey. There is something in this book for everyone, be they a business leader looking to understand the journey ahead of them, or a business consultant looking to see how best to help their clients”

Evan Leybourn, CEO & Co-Founder, Business Agility Institute

The Transformation Sprint Will Teach You

How to be a successful transformation agent so that you can support colleagues, help solve big problems and grow your own career prospects.

To simplify the complex approach most companies take to transformation, to separate the wood from the trees and find simple-to-implement answers.

How to tackle big problems in a time-boxed 4 week period with no drift or scope creep. Make the promise and learn how to keep it.

Bring multi-perspective insights into play to promote a collaborative and less threatening atmosphere and use these to help executives to prioritise.

Adopt a templated approach to big problems. The core issues replicate across many organisations; much of the analysis does not need to be new, it is what you do with it that counts.

Win the appreciation of colleagues and leaders by helping the hierarchy make the right decisions.

We are in the age of transformation, yet still most transformations run into problems. We can no longer afford the luxury of not addressing issues that are core to future growth, customer success and societal wellbeing. But nor can we afford the luxury of time.

Transformation Sprint gives you a method to solve big transformation problems in just 4 weeks and to create a more rational, more reliable approach to change.

“Transformation Sprint is the best addition to a transformation professional’s armoury since MSP was introduced in 1999. It’s four main weapons are an insightful Generative Operating Model and the focussed use of the Lighthouse Projects, the pace brought by an agile sprint approach, and finally an incredibly pragmatic delivery ethos. You get the picture. Transformation Sprint is instantly deployable, instantly relevant and instantly valuable. Its use will instil Board level confidence in transformation delivery”

Chris Barrett, Co-Founder and CEO, Global Certification and Training Institute (GCATI) and Transformation Director

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